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Know one understands the excitement that one feels in planning a one of a kind social event. There is a sheer weight and once-in-a-lifetime excitement that comes with planning such events and no one understands your special occasions quite like Shreejita. Our team of specialists will generate a unique menu that reflects your unique taste and style. We embrace the privilege of helping you plan and by serving you through every important event that you wish to celebrate. We also provide International cuisine with a possibility to tailor the menus to the preferences and tastes of each client to best fit your social needs. Make your social event an exuberant experience by relishing some of the top cuisines cooked in a unique style leaving your guests with an event to remember in the years to come. So why waste another moment? Get in touch with us and book a visit to know more!


Having a specialized team working and organizing many corporate events each year and catering for a myriad of diverse requirements, we make sure to make your guests feel thoroughly welcome at your own events and even those that you sponsor. Since Corporate events tend to be huge and need to have that extra bit to it, we can quickly assemble sample plans to feature everything from live food stations and buffets to your choice of drink. Through these plans we can work with you and develop variations on the cuisine as well as the theme. Many companies have chosen us over the years as their preferred caterers for award ceremonies, themed functions and other events to reward employees. We also specialize in handling less glamorous events which aren't less essential such as training and seminars. Contact us today to personalize a menu that fits best for your company’s next event.


Where there is love there is life and so is food! In no way can a wedding be complete without some good catering! And yes, Shreejita loves catering wedding events for they are elegant, fun, beautiful and inspired. It is not a regular event for us, rather a special event, a celebration of a lifetime! Our team understands the magnitude this day holds making your wedding event dream a reality and therefore will stop short of nothing to ensure your intimate and unforgettable wedding event is executed perfectly making it one of the most memorable days of your life. Since we are well aware of the cultures, it enables us to consistently impress our guests with our service levels and undivided attention to detail when it comes to the catering and relishing the good food! Please Note we also cater for international weddings, including Western and Traditional celebrations. We also have in-house pastry chefs to curate your signature wedding cakes in different styles to suit your tastes and perfectly complement the theme of your occasion.


Special events call for special catering services and that is where we come in! With our wide range of dishes we cater to all your tastes and events- whether you'd like to keep it casual or something extravaganza! We are here to best suit your needs and to curate a menu that will stir those six senses and leave you in a daze! From the smallest of events to larger than life ones, we are here to help you throw an event like never before with our over the top catering abilities. If you are looking for the best catering service in Kolkata, we are happy to give it to you. Our event service staff puts service first to make sure your events run smoothly and the services are delivered according to your needs.


Meal prepping can look so intimidating when you’re getting started and we know this because we too used to get overwhelmed when we first started out. It's nothing to be worried or shameful about. Interested in meal prep but don’t know where to start? You are in the right place! When it’s a health kick you want, it’s hard to beat the kitchen of Shreejita! Want to know a teeny tiny meal prep secret? You don’t have to prep all your meals for the week. Nor do you have to prep 30 freezer meals in one go. Here are our four tips for meal prep for beginners: Keep it simple, Schedule it, Use dependable recipes and last but not least Have fun and reward yourself! If you'd like a hands on service, we prep meals on your behalf too! Just book a visit for more details and get that load off your shoulders!


Bring quality catering to your next birthday event with the packages in catering by Shreejita! Prepared with the best quality ingredients, to give you meals you’ll definitely enjoy, we are bound to deliver the best catering services for different age groups! All you need to do is make your selection, and we’ll deliver your food the next day! After all Birthdays are something one definitely remembers and after all it's a party repeated every year but the catering must be special and different every year to give your guests an experience that they'll remember in the years to come! And we all know that "Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake", so what better way than have our pastry chef help you choose the perfect cake best suited to your theme.


When it comes to Business events, one definitely works hard to make the event a success and there is not even a chance that one wants to take with glitches. Catering for business events can be done via various packages that we have to offer to you. Boardroom dining with a beautiful table setting, an on duty chef, the finest in quality food made available, attentive and astute waiters with Privacy assured. Working catering which will have pattered food perfect for your next team meeting, workshop or party. Available for breakfasts, working lunches, morning and afternoon teas.Catering anywhere and by that we mean literally anywhere. Don't believe? Test us!!! Cocktail parties & store launches that require creatively designed menus & event consultation to enhance your brand or fit your theme.


In your own home Shreejitas catering team will create delicious food using the finest ingredients, freshly sourced, prepared and cooked by our highly qualified chefs and served by our experienced and efficient staff. From a small family gathering to a gastronomic lunch for as many people you can fit into your homes – all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the event safe in the knowledge that the Shreejita team is firmly in control of the rest! We also have our most in-demand recipes that elevate the senses and celebrate the diversity of cuisines. Perfectly complementing our food is our service which is elevated to an art form by our dedicated catering staff who will be at your beck and call to deliver to you the finest of services.


When it calls for a get together and a quality gossip time, quality food is a must and no one can be better at it than Shreejitas Kitty Special Team. Yes you read that right! Since Kitty parties are one of the most special and live moments, we bring to you customize menus as needed for the occasion. You will find that we offer fresh ingredients, creative preparations, elegant presentation, and thoughtful service which is bound to be trending topic throughout your event. We would be pleased to help you design a menu for your Kitty event by providing you delectable and mouthwatering dishes that can please the heart and soul of any food lover with their scintillating aroma and taste. We provide you best catering service, by keeping in mind the theme of the event and preferences of the clients, thereby ensuring delicious menu, adorned with the most delectable culinary delights.